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You will find a great selection of books at Elysian Fields. Our buyer reviews thousands of books and selects a vast array of interesting topics and genres to support book lover's on their respected spiritual path. Categories include Inspiration, Alternative Health, Art, Wellness, Yoga, EcoSpirituality, World Religions, Divination, Psychology, Sexuality and Spirituality with titles by many best-selling authors. Ask about our Gratitude Club that gives you $10 off your next purchase, after you have reached 250 in points.


  Author Byron Katie at Elysian Fields for a book signing

Author Byron Katie at Elysian Fields for a book signing

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We love books and enjoy having authors in our store! Over the years, Elysian Fields has brought some of the most popular authors in the country to Sarasota, including James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy, Byron Katie, author of Loving What Is, and the late Ted Andrews, author of Animal Speak, as well as hosting many lesser known but incredibly gifted national and regional authors.

If you are interested in offering a book signing at Elysian Fields, please refer to our FAQ page. 

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