Celebrating 23 Wonderful Years!

An incredibly peaceful atmosphere and beautiful visual merchandising are the hallmarks of Elysian Fields. Every item is hand selected, from each book and greeting card to jewelry, clothing, personal care products and unique home accessories including Japanese tableware, lamps, candles and incense. Since opening it’s doors in 1991, Elysian Fields has been winning awards and delighting visitors year after year. It really is ‘more than a store’ – it is a place where inspiration meets style and spirit!

Elysian Fields store front facing Bahia Vista Street.

Elysian Fields store front facing Bahia Vista Street.

Our Story: A Dream Come True

Elysian Fields began in 1991 as a dream, a dream of creating more than just another store. Our vision was to create an atmosphere that "felt good" where people could come, feel at home, and be uplifted. We also wanted to create a magical shopping experience, filled with high quality gifts from around the world to inspire and enrich our lives.

We wanted to offer thousands of wonderful books to enliven and empower us to achieve our fullest potentials - both as individuals and as families. We dreamt of being a rich source of meaningful gifts, books, and music to encourage the emerging awareness of the interconnectedness of all things and all peoples.

It was also very important to us to create all of this within a business framework built on integrity and ethical principles, environmental consciousness, and service to our customers, community, and the planet.

Mission Statement: It is our Vision & Mission to create a space of Presence which allows each person the opportunity to recognize who they truly are, to claim their personal freedom, and to break away from limiting belief systems, therefore transforming their lives and the world in which they live."


With your support, and the dedication of a truly great staff, we have been able to achieve our dream. We would like to acknowledge all of you with our deepest thanks and gratitude. 

A Little Bit of History

Elysian Fields opened its doors in 1991 in what used to be Snelling Plaza on US 41 near Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota. Many people told owners Lea Semple and Kim Perkins that they were making a big mistake – didn’t we know the country was in recession? Hadn’t we read the statistics that most small retail stores fold in the first three years? Besides that, it was not considered “advisable” to go into business with your best friend if you wanted to have the friendship remain. Despite the naysayers, Elysian Fields opened to strong community support and quickly became a destination spot for locals and visitors alike. Over the years, Elysian Fields has continued to flourish, and win many awards for having the best gifts in town!  

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