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Psychic Development w/ Christine Campbell

Learn her techniques for past, present, future, and spiritual mediumship.



Human Design for Children & Grandchildren w/ Catherine Rosenbaum

Please come and join us in the first of a class on understanding our children. Each child is unique and has a different design. Human Design is that brilliant teaching tool in human awareness that brings an authentic approach to your world. There are 5 types of Auras and each has their own Strategy/Authority and true path to themselves.

The Generators & the Manifestor-Generators are about 71%; the Projector 20%; the Manifestor 8%; and the Reflector is 1%.

Using birth data, we can explore the Unique Designs of our children and grandchildren. Human design is derived from the I Ching; Sacred Geometry, Astrology, the Chakra System, Kabballah, and other mystical systems. All in one amazing Body Graph Chart.

H.D. was intentionally brought into this world in 1987, at the Harmonic Convergence, and gives us a way to know ourselves and clarity to know how to be ourselves.

We will begin the class by looking into the parents/Grandparents Charts and share a little about their own designs. Then will take time to look at our children and have fun delving into their unique designs. It's so much fun and priceless information. We have soul contracts with our children and we can explore how we can guide them to be themselves in a homogenized world of fast-moving changes”. BE yourself; everyone else is already taken."

Catherine Rosenbaum is a teacher and guide for clients all around the globe. She has been written up in New York Times and speaks regularly on international Radio Shows. She loves teaching classes and loves doing Readings at the beautiful Elysian Fields in Sarasota Florida. She is called a lunar being and is a pure clear channel, a community being. Her design as a REFLECTOR, a lunar being, is less than 1% of the population living this aura type. Please join us in a night of opening our awareness for ourselves and the children. It's a fun night out! Bring your questions, open relaxed setting. Pre-registration is required so we can have charts made up for you and available at the door.



The Power and Mystery of Crystals w/ Margo Park

Margo Park will lead a class for novices and experts explaining the dynamic energy of crystals from a scientific as well as an energetic perspective. She will show you how easy it is to choose crystals for specific needs, their combinations, and arrangements for optimal effectiveness.

Margo will address using crystals to raise your vibration, and for manifesting health and wellness, prosperity and abundance, love and more.

This class will be FUN and informative breaking down the confusion surrounding crystals to give YOU the confidence in choosing the ones that are perfect for you.

Margo will stay after the class to answer questions and assist you in choosing crystals that are perfect for you.

Margo Park is a professional and experienced transformational intuitive, empath, teacher and guide working in the field of vibrational energy for the past 16 years.

She is award-winning, conducts individual soul/energy readings and works in the US and internationally teaching leadership training and the art of compassionate communication.

Her mission is to inspire and empower others. Margo is known for her warmth, caring, and integrity.



Light Language and Angelic Messages w/ Lara Jaye

Are you feeling:

Stuck or Stressed? 

In Pain —Emotional or Physical?

Just off Balance? 

Come experience this ancient and sacred healing method that speaks directly to your heart and soul. This is not a language that is understood at the physical level however our soul soak’s up the words and the codes it contains allowing for profound healing and transformation.

Join Lara Jaye at this Light Language workshop (first of its kind in Sarasota area) to learn what it is and how it can help take away your pain, lose weight, lower their stress, get over addictions, and more. Experience a group healing and individual angel messages for ALL who attend. 

As a Light Language Healer, Certified Angel Card Reader, Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Executive Coach, International Best Selling Author and Podcast Host, Lara Jaye welcomes the Angelic Realm as well as your personal guides to provide guidance and healing regarding issues such as your life purpose, love, relationships, health, career and more! She can see, hear, feel and know angelic messages, read/reset auras and chakras as well as channel loved ones who have crossed over. Lara’s unique healing modality includes transmission of healing codes through Light Language. This offers a life-changing experience that speaks to your soul to expand and up-level your life and especially is useful in helping clients who are in pain — either physical or emotional. 



Animal Communication Readings w/ Hazel Tarr

From an early age, Hazel realized her strong spiritual connection with all animals and sensed her ability to communicate with them. Knowing this is her true passion, she loves being able to communicate with the animals and sharing with their humans what they want us to know. She is also able to communicate with both living and transitioned pets. She has studied with Carol Gurney of the Gurney Institute for Animal Communication, as well as local animal communicators to further hone her gift.



The Art of Crystal Healing w/ Rod Pettit

Crystals are more than just beautiful and fun to collect. They are also powerful healing tools provided by Mother Earth.

Crystal healing is a non-invasive, vibrational energy-based, holistic system of healing. By precisely placing specifically chosen crystals on the physical body, their vibrations act on the energetic body to create a state of balance and harmony. Crystal healing helps restore the mind, body, and spirit back to its natural state of equilibrium.

Come join certified crystal healer Rod Pettit as he explains how crystal healing works and describes its many benefits. Rod will talk about how each mineral's chemical makeup creates its unique therapeutic properties. He will also discuss the way a crystal's color and shape affect its healing abilities. He will explore how crystals can be used to balance the chakras, the energy centers running through the body.

Rod will then perform a demonstration of crystal healing, as well as give examples of ways in which you can use crystals for your own self-healing.



Bioenergy Healing w/ Csongor Daniel

In this fascinating class, Csongor Daniel will reveal his secret on how to stop pain within minutes with simple hand moves. Learn how to see, feel, and manipulate the energy field around the body to induce healing, many times without even touching the body. This technique is believed to be the fastest and most powerful energy healing method ever developed. Csongor’s teacher and famous European healer have healed over a million people with this method! The class includes a free Group Healing.

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