Frequently Asked Questions

I am an author and would like to schedule a book-signing at Elysian Fields.

For consideration of a book-signing and talk, please contact  In your email, please include the title of your book, a brief synopsis of the book, and an overview of what you will be discussing with our customers in relation to the book.  Attach any relevant material such as website, bio & photo, book reviews, etc.  Book-signings must be approved at least 2 months in advance.  Events take place in the book section of the store on Wednesdays between 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. The author typically offers a free 20-30 minute discussion of the book, then signs the books afterward.  Books are kept behind the sales counter and must be purchased prior to being signed.  The author will supply the books - unless it's a book that we already carry - and Elysian Fields receives a 40% commission on any books that are sold.  Payment is sent to the author within 3 days.  Average attendance ranges from 3 - 30 people.


Does Elysian Fields offer classes?

Yes!  We offer classes on a variety of topics.  If you would like to attend an upcoming class, please see our Event Schedule on the website or view our Monthly Newsletter to see what we have coming up next!

If you would like to teach a class, we are always looking for professional, knowledgeable, and spiritually-oriented speakers to share their wisdom with our customers.  Please contact Tony by email at: for consideration.  Please note that classes must be relevant to products and services that we offer in the store and are not to be used as a platform for promoting other businesses.  At least two months advance notice is required in order to prepare for hosting and marketing the class.

Does Elysian Fields host offsite events?    

Yes!  We are pleased to be involved with events in the community that support conscious living.  To be considered, please contact Tolisa by email at:

** We also have a program where intuitive readers can be contracted out for your outside event.  There is 3-hour minimum for such events.  Please contact, or call the store at 941-361-3006 for more information.

How can I become an Intuitive Reader at Elysian Fields?

We are not actively seeking new readers at this time, but we are always open and interested to interview intuitive readers for possible inclusion into our roster for a later date.  If you are an experienced, professional reader, we welcome you to set up an initial interview and offer a minimum 30-minute reading with Ruta, the store owner.  Please note that all readers are independent contractors and are responsible for obtaining their own Sarasota City and Sarasota County reader licenses (approximately $300 per year).  Licensure MUST be obtained in order to do professional readings at Elysian Fields.