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"Astrology DIscussion" class with Catherine Rosenbaum

In this month's Astrology Discussions class, we will be delving into the understanding of Progressions. What Is a Progression? What does that mean to you personally? How can you learn more about your Divine Plan from an astrological perspective?
At birth, we receive a Natal Promise - or Soul Contract - imprinted by the heavens. The natal chart clearly identifies the patterns and gifts we are born into, creating our "blueprint" for this incarnation.  Over time, the natal chart evolves and needs to be re-evaluated... Who are we growing into?  How are the patterns shifting? How are we presently awakening?  Progressed chart brings us up to Now.  We will break this understanding down and intimately share our patterns within the group discussion.  All levels welcome.

Catherine teaches in an informal atmosphere held in the peaceful environment of Elysian Fields. Catherine Rosenbaum is a teacher and guide thru time. She is a Reflector in Human Design and a true Lunar Being, a Community Being, a mirror and tool for others to step into their most synchronistic and joyful adventure. Catherine will take us through the Psychic Weather Report to see what's up in the stars as we align with these quantum magical times.
Pre-registration required so we can have your personal charts for you at the class. Cost: $25.00

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