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"Discover The Seen and Unseen Forces that Define the Dimensions of this Universe and Beyond" class with Indira

Come explore the various “Planes of Existence” where Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Elementals, and humans dwell. Understand the properties of each plane and how to communicate with and strengthen your connection to those in other realms. 

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond this three dimensional world we inhabit? In this introductory class, we will travel through the “Planes of Existence,” or different vibratory realities. We will understand how each plane works, and what “beings” or energetic frequencies inhabit each plane. We will also explore how to work with each plane for healing and to increase our wholeness and connection to the Divine Source—the Creator of All That Is.
Please bring a notepad, pen, water bottle and a crystal of your choice. Each attendee will receive a personal message from the Divine Source and the Angelic realm. Be prepared for an adventure!

Indira is a certified Thetahealing™ Practitioner and Instructor, Intuitive Card Reader, and certified Crystal Remote Viewing Practitioner (past/future life readings). Indira has been personally trained as an instructor of numerous classes by the founder of Thetahealing™, Vianna Stibal. In addition, she brings a wealth of knowledge of various energy healing modalities, metaphysical topics, and Law of Attraction teachings to all of her offerings. Her company, Quantum Shifts, offers workshops, Thetahealing™ classes, one-on-one and group sessions, which are uplifting, practical and grounded with real take-away value.

Earlier Event: May 20
Guest Reader: Joann Leo
Later Event: May 26
Guest Reader: Deborah Chadwick