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"Unseen Worlds: Contacting your Spirit Guides/Angels" class with Julie King


We all have an enormous amount of support and assistance from our network that exists concurrently in this time and space.  This network is sometimes called the “Unseen Worlds” and consists of beings and frequencies from our ancestral lineage, off-planet helpers, the Angelic Kingdoms, the guardians of this planet (such as fairies, devas, elementals), other aspects of our Oversoul, and Spirit Guides. In this two-hour workshop we will explore these worlds and how to better access this support system.

Our world is changing at such a rapid speed and we are changing along with everything else. We will learn how to develop closer contact with our support team as well as gain inner knowledge to help us navigate the frequency shifts of these times. This class will be experiential and include discussion of these other worlds. This is a great time to take advantage of this class as the veils of knowing are thinning at an exponential rate and our ability to “see and know” is heightened. Cost $25
Pre-paid registration is required for classes. To register, please stop by Elysian Fields or call 361-3006. 

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