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"Discover Thetahealing : An Accelerated Energy Healing Modality" class with Indira


What if you replace the bottom beliefs causing pain, suffering, and discontent in your life? What if you could deepen your connection with Spirit and enhance your intuitive abilities? What if you could free yourself from any type of limitation and create the life you desire? Interested? Join us for an introductory talk and hands-on experience of Thetahealing™—a powerful, yet easy-to-learn healing modality based on connecting with the energy of ALL THAT IS, or Universal Source Energy.  

 Thetahealing™ can help to heal physical, mental, and emotional issues from this life and past lives.  It can assist in developing and learning to trust your intuitive abilities as well as connecting with Angels, Ascended Masters, and Guides.  It may also help you manifest wealth and abundance, and guide you to attract and nurture healthy relationships.  If you are ready to experience profound shifts in your life then this introductory workshop is for you!
Indira is a certified Thetahealing™ Practitioner and Instructor, Intuitive Card Reader, and certified Crystal Remote Viewing Practitioner (past/future life readings). Indira has been personally trained as an instructor of numerous classes by the founder of Thetahealing™, Vianna Stibal. In addition, she brings a wealth of knowledge of various energy healing modalities, metaphysical topics, and Law of Attraction teachings to all of her offerings. Her company, Quantum Shifts, offers workshops, Thetahealing™ classes, one-on-one and group sessions, which are uplifting, practical and grounded with real take-away value.  Cost $25
Pre-paid registration is required for classes. To register, please stop by Elysian Fields or call 361-3006

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Later Event: March 18
Guest Reader: Joanne Leo