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Astrological Discussion with Catherine Rosenbaum

In this month’s astrology discussion, we will delve into the planets of Mercury and Neptune.  Mercury represents the archetype of the “Trickster” and “Communicator,” a personal planet that “speaks” to us, often in the form of mind chatter. We will take a look at where Mercury lies in our birth charts and how this planet is interacting with other planets.  Neptune is an outer planet which cannot be seen with the naked eye.  It presents as the archetypes of Super Consciousness, Martyr, or Mystic.

  As Neptune evolves its way on a 14-year inter-pass through Pisces, the veils of illusion continue to lift.  We evolve collectively through our universal awareness and individually through the intuitive dream states. Come explore how these planets are influencing you and the collective consciousness.
Catherine Rosenbaum is a Reflector astrologer, intuitive reader, teacher, and community being, operating from a place of pure lunar essence. Cost  $25
Pre-paid registration is required for classes. To register, please stop by Elysian Fields or call 361-3006. 

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