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Astrology Discussion with Catherine Rosenbaum


In this month's astrology class, we will be exploring the Moon's influence within the natal chart. The Moon represents the intuition and the level of nurturing received in early development. The Moon reflects, feels, responds to, and produces emotions. It represents our Soul's recordings of our past lifetimes and is connected to our karmic past and dharma future. As our Sun sign holds our consciousness, the Moon represents our subconsciousness and is a key to our understanding ourselves from the inside reflective perspective.

We will investigate our charts and discuss the Lunar Nodes - the ecliptic points in our charts that tie the Sun and Moon together. The 'ins and outs' of our Soul's journey is recorded through these positions. Delving into the knowledge of the Moon in its relation to the Sun is so very powerful and timely to assimilate in the Aquarian Age that is here now.  Let's learn more together and enjoy the journey! 
Catherine Rosenbaum is a Reflector astrologer, intuitive reader, teacher, and community being, operating from a place of pure lunar essence.All levels of students are welcome. Pre-registration is required. Cost $25

Pre-paid registration is required for classes. To register, please stop by Elysian Fields or call 361-3006. 

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