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Astrology Discussion Series with Catherine Rosenbaum

In this month’s class, we will be reviewing the last few ''game changer” eclipses.  We will discuss how to move through these major influences, keeping our new higher levels activated. We’ll also be looking at some major shifts within the planets, primarily those of Uranus and Neptune. To assist us in this time of upheaval, we have Uranus in Aries, allowing us to awaken to our individual brilliant selves, while collectively merging into our soulful Oneness.  Saturn – the teacher planet of matter/ time/ laws/ rewards – will be easing up, leading us into Neptune for New Harmony.  With Neptune in Pisces, we can either go forward gracefully - feeling safe as we charter the Unknown - or by kicking and screaming with heads under water.  Neptune assists us by removing the veils of illusion and deception. (Note what is happening in the media and political scene as truths come to light).  We will take a deep look at the influence Neptune has on your natal chart, as well as, in world events.  As we shift from our outdated beliefs, and let go of DNA/RNA debris, our destiny can begin to evolve more fully into the miraculous field of Lightness where our ultimate state of being can be more fully revealed.  Astrology helps us to navigate our way there

Catherine Rosenbaum is an Intuitive Astrologer and interpreter of the planetary signs. In Human Design, she is a Reflector, a pure lunar empathic of community consciousness.  Come join Catherine and a group of curious and fun-loving astrology explorers – all levels welcome!  We will do a clearing and short meditation in order to call in our Higher levels and Angels.  (Please bring a sweater.) Pre-registration is required so we can your natal chart ready for you at class.  Cost: $25

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