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"The Ceremony of the Bowl of Light" class with Charmian Redwood

Join celebrated author Charmian Redwood for this deeply healing ancient Hawaiian traditional ceremony for releasing the old energies of trauma that you have experienced during your life from childhood up until the present. The Hawaiian Kahunas say that everyone is born with a bowl of light in the belly. Every traumatic experience leaves a “stone” in your bowl of light which can sit in the emotional body for many years after the event causing problems in your present life. When a lot of stones accumulate over time, it brings your energy down and you can feel low and hopeless. In this class, we look at the stones to see what self-negating programs and beliefs they are carrying which are affecting your present life. Using a crystal bowl, Charmian will guide the group in a cleansing meditation to remove these trauma-imprinted stones and restore your Holy Innocence so your bowl is once more filled with light. This ceremony will leave you clear and free to begin anew, and so full of light, that you can move forward in your life again with optimism and joy.

Charmian Redwood had a near death experience 35 years ago where she was awakened to the Truth of who she is. Since returning to her body, she has been guiding others to experience themselves as Divine Essence. She uses hypnotherapy to connect people to their own soul and to answer any questions they have about their lives. She lived in Hawaii for six years where she learned the ancient Hawaiian ceremonies of Ho'o pono pono and Lomi Lomi from the Kahunas. Charmian has written two books using information from hypnosis sessions. Coming Home To Lemuria tells us where we came from as ancient Lemurians and how we lived in harmony and peace on the Earth. A New Earth Rising takes us forward through the ascension into the healed Earth where all is restored to harmony once more. Charmian offers workshops and a mystery school training helping to open up the psychic abilities which we all trained for in the temples of old. She is also available for private sessions. To learn more, visit

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