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“Reconnecting with Your Past Lives: An Experiential Journey” with Jef Bartow

Based on a comprehensive mandala of human consciousness, each of us has the opportunity to visit our past, both in this life and previous lives. This event will teach you what that mandala is and then provide a guided experiential journey into one of your past lives.  Utilizing guided meditation with the energy of the mandala will open the unconscious door to a journey into the circumstances and reality of a past life that significantly affects the present. Although most of us will not connect with a Joan of Arc or Charlemagne, each of us has important past lives that impact us today. As metaphysics postulates and science confirms: energy is neither created nor destroyed, only changed. Reconnecting and experiencing one’s individual past energies provides the opportunity to transmute them as part of resolving one’s karma in this life.

Jef’s early focus in spiritual growth included becoming an ordained spiritual counselor and seminary teacher of metaphysics. After more than 30 years of study in Western theology, astrology, psychology and spirituality, he authored the double award-finalist book God, Man and the Dancing Universe, A Synthesis of Metaphysics, Science and Theology. Today, Jef is publishing Volume II, entitled: Resolving the Mysteries of Human Consciousness. His revolutionary mandala of human consciousness provides a comprehensive way of understanding the totality of the human psyche - past, present and future.  Concurrently, he has been integrating life cycles in astrology, spirituality, and transpersonal psychology into his dynamic system LifeCycles Astrology: Journey of the Personality and Soul. In 2012, he published his first LifeCycles book, LifeCycles Astrology: Journey of the Personality. For more information, visit

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