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"Astrology 101" class with Catherine Rosenbaum

"Astrology 101" with astrologer Catherine Rosenbaum

Catherine will be your personalized guide to assist you in knowing who you are in the realm of time and space, offering a back-to-basics astrology class to get you started.   In this first class in the series, she will break down and personalize the 3 most significant parts of the Astrological Blueprint:  The Sun (identity, consciousness); The Moon (soul, inspiration); The Ascendant/Rising (The Mask; projection.)

As a “Reflector” Lunar teacher, she will help individuals to learn about their soul’s purpose, as well as, to activate the group into the new Aquarian Age to synchronize the journey.  We look forward to assisting you in illuminating your path. 

Prepayment required. Space limited. $25.00.

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