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"Atlantis Rising" Talk & Meditation with Charmian Redwood

Charmian Redwood, author of Coming Home to Lemuria and A New Earth Rising, presents an enlightening discovery about the wonders of Atlantis, its peoples, and the power imbalances toward the end of that civilization that led up to its final destruction.  She will be guiding an experiential meditation into the Temple of Atlantis to reclaim ourselves as Priests and Priestesses of Atla Ra.

 Furthermore, she reveals to us that at this time, many who lived in Atlantis long ago have been gathering here to heal the fractures in the crystal grid, and with purified energy and positive intent, reactivate the temple and crystals for the renewal of the Earth. If you are fascinated by Atlantis, you may have been sent here again for this healing. If you feel so called, come to this class to learn the hidden history of Atlantis and how you may play a part in the healing ceremony that will take place on Siesta Key that weekend. $20 per person for the class.

35 years ago, Charmian had a near death experience where she awakened to the Truth of Who she is. Since returning, she has guided others to experience themselves as Divine Essence. With Hypnotherapy, she connects people to their own soul to answer questions about their lives. Information from these hypnosis sessions led her to write two fascinating books: Coming Home To Lemuria tells us where we came from as ancient Lemurians and how we lived in harmony and peace on Earth. A New Earth Rising takes us forward through Ascension into the healed Earth where all is restored to harmony. Charmian is available for private sessions and offers workshops and a Mystery School Training to open up psychic abilities we trained for in the temples of old.