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Astrology Discussions with Catherine Rosenbaum

This month, we will continue to focus on the blueprint of the “Human Design.” The Human Design is a combination of Astrology, Hindu, Sacred Geometry, I-Ching, Kabballah, the Chakra system, and Numerology, all combined into one unique blueprint.   Our key question is:  “Who are we really?”  Human Design unfolds our New Consciousness as we unravel the “Not Self” (genetics, ancestors, limiting beliefs…), while integrating into the “Real Self” (unlimited quantum potential).  We are multi-level beings going beyond the mind and into higher realms of consciousness.  What a ride! 

In this class, we will do an overview of what’s happening in the stars with a current lunar report from Human Design transits.  We will also review the 4 Human Design types and the profile numbers.  We will be looking at each individual’s Natal and Human Design charts, exploring how nodes in a birth chart represent past and future points.  There is so much to discover together!

Class is facilitated by Catherine Rosenbaum, an Intuitive, Astrologer, and Reflector.  As a Reflector being, she is a community-oriented, coming out to teach others of their own mastery.  These discussions are open format, and all questions are addressed and shared in a fun, casual environment.  Join us at Elysian Fields as we embark on a journey of higher consciousness together.  All levels welcome.  Pre-registration required.  Cost: $25.  

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