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"Awakening the 3rd Eye" Meditation Class with Angela Valentine


The “Third Eye” is a common term used for the brow chakra because when it is awakened, it seems as if you have an additional “inner eye” in which to view the world. For many, awakening the third eye brings about easier access to your inner wisdom, enhanced psychic abilities and even full clairvoyance, where you can see the energies of chakras and auras. In this class, 

Angela will explain the functions of the third eye and what is possible to experience once it is awakened. During a group meditation, all participants will be guided through a process to cleanse, open and activate the third eye and learn how to awaken those natural latent abilities that can make life easier in so many ways.  

Facilitator, Angela Valentine, has worked with her guides and angels for decades and has always felt their protective and helpful guidance strongly in her life. As a Certified Medium and Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Angela has been able to connect with those on the other side and has also helped others connect with their own guides to receive their personal advice directly. Her gentle voice helps others easily enter into a peaceful meditative state where their natural intuitive abilities are enhanced.  Cost: $10

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