Intuitive Readers at Elysian Fields

Why do we call it an "Intuitive Reading"? Our desire is to offer something different than the traditional "psychic reading" thinking—the kind of thinking that says that another person has the answers and you don't. We believe that each person is their own authority and have a sincere desire to empower others with this knowledge. People blessed with clairvoyant and intuitive gifts are very special. They can provide insight and valuable guidance as we face challenges in life. Through their various style of sensitivity, they can help us access our own inner guidance and illuminate our spiritual growth.

  15 minutes - $30    30 minutes - $50     45 minutes - $70     60 minutes - $90


In store and phone readings available.


 Catherine - Astrology & Tarot

Catherine Rosenbaum is an Intuitive who offers deep and personal readings through Astrology and the MotherPeace Tarot. She also specializes in AstroCartography, also known as Location Astrology, to help you determine which place to live might be best for you. Catherine receives messages and reviews past lives when significant to her clients. She loves to re-connect her clients to their life purpose, and with clarity, guiding them to their next step in life. Her methods are positive and full of humor. Catherine currently assists clients all over the country and is writing a book on new ways of looking at upcoming shifts in awareness and planetary messages.


Christine - Osho Zen Tarot

Christine Campbell is a 4th generation psychic and tarot reader. She likes to express messages she receives from your spirit guides in a gentle and caring way. Bringing insight and angel messages of love and light, with the intention of inspiring you to connect to your own guides. She’s been considered a psychic, healer, medium, meditation teacher, and life/relationship coach. She will help you create a more balanced way of perceiving and responding to the world, while receiving answers to your pending questions and helping you find your most fulfilling outcome.


Desiree Rahill - Tarot & Crystal Readings

Desiree’s practical, straightforward reading style will leave you feeling clear and empowered. She combines her 20 years of experience with the Tarot, and her deep love and enthusiasm for semi-precious stones, as tools for your growth. Her emphasis is on self-actualization. Often times, Desiree can pick up on family members and loved ones who have crossed over. She is proud to be continuing her work as a third generation reader and does so with a gentle style and a touch of cosmic comedy.

Erika - Mother Peace Tarot

Erika was born in Chile. Her mother and grandmother were gifted women with a very special and natural intuition and she continues that lineage. While living in Chile, she joined the Naturopathic Medical Institute “Hecate” where she mastered the Intuitive Tarot, Reiki , Reflexology and Meditation. Erika uses the Mother Peace tarot cards to guide you and help you gain insight into yourself and your life. Through the tarot cards, Erika receives spiritual guidance that will help you find answers to your questions and to empower you to help yourself create a more satisfying and fulfilling life. 

Elizabetta - Medium & Tarot

Elizabetta was born in Italy and became aware of her psychic abilities at an early age. She trained as a medium at the College of Psychic Studies in London and has 30 years experience as a practicing psychic. As a medium, she is an intermediary through which her clients can communicate with their departed ones. This often includes perusal into previous lives. She also offers tarot readings for problems of a practical nature.

Indira - Intuitive Reader, Oracle & Tarot

Indira's natural intuitive abilities have been heightened and refined through extensive training in Thetahealing™ - an advanced energy healing modality.  She is able to tap into the energy of ALL THAT IS, the unified field of Light, or the highest vibration of Universal Source energy, to receive accurate information and guidance which manifest through a variety of beautiful oracle and tarot cards.  Indira can also facilitate communication and profound healing between loved ones who've crossed over and with those here on earth.  Her reading style is warm and friendly, and her goal is to bring clarity to help you navigate your unique personal path by mirroring the Truth that is already inside you.  Indira is a certified Thetahealing™  Practitioner and instructor and certified Crystal Remote Viewing Practitioner (Past/Future Life readings).


Laura -Angel Intuitive, Angel Card Reader, Spiritual and Energy Healer

Laura opens to the Angelic Realm to provide answers, guidance and healing about the things that affect us all: love, relationships, life purpose, career, health, and the best path to a happier life.  After a personal encounter with Archangel Michael, Laura was drawn to learn as much as she could about angels, and became a Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Intuitive™, Certified Angel Card Reader, as well as a Certified Angel Card reader through Melanie Beckler.  Working with YOUR angels, she gives supportive, meaningful, empowering, positive, and loving messages! One of her life’s goals is to remind people that we have angels with us at all times, to help us through anything. Laura is also a Certified Spiritual Healer, Certified Reiki Master-Teacher, Bioenergy Healer, and Animal Communicator. She is an accredited member of the ASSMPI, the America Society for Standards In Mediumship & Psychical Investigation.


Margo - Voyager Tarot

Margo Park is a warm and caring person who uses her psychic gifts to connect with your spirit guides for guidance and clearer vision in your life. She will often receive healing messages from loved ones that have crossed over to the other side. Margo is a Certified Voyager Tarot Consultant, Aromatherapist, Reiki Master and is gifted in working with animals.  She loves to find the answers that you seek and share her knowledge of how you can connect with your own intuition and spirit guides.

Michelle 1.jpg

Michelle Christine - Divine Intuitive, Numerology, Tarot

Michelle has been aware of her gifts and abilities since she was seven years old.  By the age of seventeen, she began researching, learning and perfecting the art of Tarot.  Over the past 22 years she has been divinely guiding others using Numerology, Tarot, and Aromatherapy in connection with her clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts.  She will assist you in connecting with your Higher Self/God Self and will teach you how to align with your highest good, manifesting all that you desire.  Michelle is also a licensed Massage Therapist as well as a Reiki practitioner. Your session with her will offer you the divine guidance and support that is needed for creating the life you desire and deserve.

Skye Samuel - Tarot, Medium, and Astrologer

Skye is a 4th generation intuitive psychic reader and medium who has been doing reading and channelings professionally for over 30 years.  Born and raised in England, she was taught to read Tarot and Oracle cards by her Grandmother.  As an intuitive and clairvoyant reader, she will open the cards to answer inner questions and to gently guide her clients on their path through life in order to manifest what is in the Soul’s higher purpose. 

Stephanie Du Laux - Angel Card Reader

Stephanie Du Laux is an Angel Card Reader certified by Doreen Virtue. She reads both the Archangel Power Tarot and the Angel Tarot and resonates strongly with the energy of the Archangels. In your reading, using the Angel Cards, Stephanie will answer the questions that you pose to your personal angels. There are angels just waiting to be asked to help you and as soon as you request it, they immediately go into action. Let Stephanie be your guide as you ask for the assistance that you need.

Special Guest Readers

Guest reader fees are listed in the Reader Schedule.  Click on the desired date/reader for more information.


Sherry Lord

Psychic Intuitive & Trance Channel

Sherry Lord is a Reiki Master, Ordained Reverend, Teacher, Psychic Intuitive and Deeper Trance Channel. She can see angels, guides and auras as well as channel loved ones who have crossed over. Sherry is a versatile channel who can answer your questions, both business and personal, and help you on your spiritual path.



Deborah Chadwick

Intuitive & Healer

Intuitive Reader Deborah Chadwick uses a regular deck of playing cards in her readings. She is also a Healer and Spiritual Consultant. The playing cards are a tool for Deborah’s guides and angels to communicate through her. She receives very specific information and it comes through very quickly.



James Wanless, Ph.D.

Creator of the Voyager Tarot

James Wanless, Ph.D., is a pioneer of new thinking, rec­ognized for weaving ancient wisdom into modern life with in­tuitive, symbolic and mythic tools and systems. Once a uni­ver­sity pro­fessor, he experienced a life-threatening disease which led to his spiritual transformation. He began to share his new found wisdom and artistic inspiration by creating his best-selling Voyager Tarot Deck and books.





Julie King

Voyager Tarot & Intuitive Reader

Julie King is a gifted psychic, who specializes in relationships, finances, spiritual transformation and business-career matters.  She has been a professional intuitive for over 25 years and reads the Voyager Tarot Deck. She also draws on her years of experience working with symbology, astrology, angels, colors, psychotherapeutic healing, flower and other vibrational essences. Her clients are from around the globe and Julie has been featured nationally for her readings and internationally on radio and television.  Julie’s readings are accurate, motivating, and energizing!