Astrology at Elysian Fields

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Reports $15 each  - Buy 3, Get 1 Free! 


Astro*Talk Natal Report

One of the finest astrological horoscope reports ever made.  The report's no-nonsense descriptions of the basic planetary configurations present in your life, and how they affect you, has been appreciated by thousands. Everything you've wanted to know about why you are who you are and more. A brilliantly accurate professional report that averages 30+ pages and 10 chapters all about YOU! One of the most comprehensive interpretations available anywhere.



A great gift for new parents or grandparents! The Child*Star report is a personal horoscope written specifically for children. It describes your child's world family, educational inclinations, and emerging identity. Parents know that by spotting talents and possible challenges in advance, they can help their children lead fulfilled lives. For anyone who wonders what their child will be like as he or she grows older, this report is a must! 30+ practical and inspiring pages.


Heaven Knows What

The interpretations of world famous astrologer Grant Lewi, author of Heaven Knows What and Astrology for Millions, are available in this natal chart program called Heaven Knows What. Each report includes both natal (birth chart) and transit interpretations—including the sign each planet occupies, the Sun and Moon in combination as they affect personality, and numerous condition statements. Transits are included to reflect current energies as they affect natal tendencies. 



Based on the work of psychologist/astrologer Stephanie Clement, Opportunities is a fun and meaningful look at your possible career choices. Learn how to take your strengths, talents, and passions and turn them into assets that can change your life through your career. Whether you are beginning your career, in the middle of your professional life, or looking for a starting point for a second or even third career—an Opportunities report can provide you with the roadmap.


Sky Within

The Sky Within is an outstanding natal report especially suited for those looking for a more spiritually centered look at astrology. Written by Stephen Forrest, one of the foremost astrological writers of our generation and author of The Changing Sky and The Inner Sky, this report takes you on a personal journey into your inner life. The language of astrology is used, covering the planets and sensitive points in your chart - but you needn’t know any astrology!



Now you can zero in on your personal “coming events” with TimeLine, a program designed to produce future-oriented reports using progressions, transits, aspects, and solar & lunar eclipses, all integrated into one report. TimeLine uses graphs and paragraph style format to show your major cycles in sequential order for the next six months after the date you provide. 20+ pages in this amazingly descriptive forecast.


Friends and Lovers

The Friends and Lovers program creates an 18-20 page report the takes two individuals’ birth data and explores the meaning of the astrological relationship between them. These insightful reports identify strengths and challenges in the relationship. The Friends and Lovers report can be ordered in two versions: the Romance report for lovers, or the NonRomance report for family, friends, business associates, etc. 



The Simpaticos compatibily report is designed to touch on the areas in relationships where insight is needed. It describes places of harmony as well as pointing to places of potential conflict, and can inspire couples to find ways to understand and communicate better with each other. Simpaticos uses a unique tool, the Composite Chart, which acts as a blueprint representing a symbolic meeting place of a couple’s shared mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual chemistry.